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oh. my. god.

okie so school started yesterday, the classes are ok. but i wanna change my spanish to ASL. but my stupid counselor said i have to have my parents call becuae it'll change my college application or something. grrr. anyways this is me scheldue
0. chemistry
1. spanish 2
2. algebra 2
3. p.e.
4. psych 1
5. A.P. english
6. history

reasons i probably won't like this year

1.i have to go to school before 6:45 everyday because i have a A/0 period. and that sucks. i barely have 6 hours of sleep each night.
2. i know i was a freshmen just 2 months ago, but I HATE THE FRESHMENS!!! they are all fucking idiots! they are all arrogant, they think they are soo cool. and they are sooooo rude!!! AND THEY ARE ALL POSEURS!! i don't usually say that unless i really believe in it. and i do this time. i mean, when i was a freshmen, i was nice to everyone. i don't go around and rebelling everything. $@(&$&@( and they made the school hella crowded. fucking 2200 students! i walk outside and i couldn't see 5 feet ahead of me.
3. the school didn't get credit for like 6 years last year, so they made new rules. no cell phone of any other electronic devices during school hours. that includes brunch and lunch. lame, right? and now they won't even let us eat in class. some teachers are ok i guess, but not all of them. not mine at least. well, except for my chem. teacher she's cool.
4. closed campus. it has been since last year. but that was last year. last year i was stilll a freshmen and the now freshmen was in junior high which was 2 miles or more away from us.
5. my algebra 2 class, i am probbaly the only sophmore. everyone else is either junior or senior. and i literally don't know anyone in that class. and most of them are jocks or the gangstas
and etc. etc. etc. etc.

terrible way to start the new school year, i know.
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